Cars 4 Rent - Booking Terms & Conditions


The ordering process consists of 5 steps.

  1. You select the dates and pick-up / drop-off points.
  2. As soon as you set the dates and the pick-up/drop-off points, a new page showing the cars available for the selected period, as well as the total cost of the rental will open. Note that all rentals are calculated on a 24-hour basis. However, you are allowed to return the car up to 1 hour later without being charged for an additional day. More than 1 hour delay counts as an additional day.
  3. Choose from the options available.
  4. Fill the appropriate fields with detailed - personal data.
  5. In order to receive a confirmation page for your order, you must accept the terms and conditions and provide us with all the necessary personal data. This page is Secured (you may check the security certificate) and all data is encrypted. The down-payment appears in this page.

As soon as we receive your order, CARS 4 REN T will accept it or not depending on the availability. This is the reason why making your reservation some time in advance is important, especially during the peak season of August.In order a reservation to take effect, a down-payment is required. These payments will only be RESERVED in your account until the final confirmation of the booking.In case a booking is not confirmed for any reason, the payments will not be deducted from your account. CARS 4 RENT does NOT have the obligation to reserve a car if the advance payment is not completed.In case the booking is confirmed, the down-payment will be deducted from your account by CARS 4 RENT respectively, so make sure that the amount for the down-payment is available in your account.An automate from our booking system confirmation email for the reservation with details on the delivery of the car will be sent to you via e-mail, so make sure that the e-mail address you provide is correct.In case CARS 4 RENT cannot confirm your order for any reason a cancellation e-mail will be sent to you with suggestions on changing your order; no payments will be captured from your account.It is essential that you provide a correct e-mail address and mobile phone number, as the voucher contains important information on the delivery of the rental car at your destination.Delivery instructions and telephone numbers will be written on your voucher. No refund is made due to unreceived or unread voucher.


In case the booking is confirmed, the down-payment will be deducted from your account by CARS 4 RENT respectively. The final confirmation/voucher for the reservation will be sent via e-mail, so make sure that the e-mail address you provide is correct and the amount for the down-payment is available in your account.The balance has to be paid upon delivery of the car either by credit card in the name of the driver or in cash. A major credit card is required for guarantee reasons.Our online booking system accepts payments in advance via PayPal (account or Credit Card Visa MasterCard) and/or Bank wire transfer. In this case should send us by email your Bank’s receipt for direct confirmation of the rental reservation. 


While making your reservation, it is essential that you provide some important information:

If this information is not available at the time of booking, you have to inform CARS 4 RENT about these details at least 3 days before the rental start date either online or by phone at the number appearing on your voucher. If this information is not provided in time; CARS 4 RENT cannot accept responsibility or compensation for a failed rental.


The possibility of getting a car OUT of normal working hours (20:30 to 08:30) exists in most locations; however, an additional charge of 20,00€ (incl. VAT) for “out of working hour” service may apply.During the booking procedure, you will be able to see the details.  In case the car pick-up to falls outside normal working hours due to a flight/ ferry delay or for any other reason, the additional fee is charged locally, where the “out of working hour” service is available.

The above procedure should also be followed in case of other damages to the rental car. In case the rental vehicle is damaged while parked you have to report the damage to our car rental company before you move the car.In case of theft the client is obliged to file a police report and to hand this document over to our car rental company. You should also inform our car rental company immediately about any theft. The documentation and keys of the car should be returned to the car rental company. The client should report all damages IMMEDIATELY to our car rental company.Any accident or damage to the vehicle that has not been reported may be interpreted as negligence, which may result in charging the client.


All prices and charges listed on the reservation form are subject to VAT and some stations charge and city tax of 0.5% on the price of renting. 



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